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Working With Us

VPI Strategic Sourcing has the experience and negotiating power to get you aggressive pricing for your bill of materials. We’ve worked with companies around the U.S. on a variety of products and have years of experience sourcing common and hard to find products at lowest cost. Our experience combined with our purchasing power, through VPI’s Manufacturing set us apart from the competition. We’ll do the heavy lifting, but with your help we can search for the products you need more effectively and efficiently.

Tell us about your product

Tell us how your product will be used. A detailed description of your product along with its specifications will help us source the right product at the right price.

production icon
Let us know how many you plan to produce
  • Annual Usage: If you have a forecast, send it over. If not, just send us your best estimation.
  • Batch Size: How many products will be made in a single production run.
  • Production Schedule: What deadlines do you have? When do you expect to produce samples, EVT runs, DVT runs, production ramp up and mass production.
work icon
We go to work

We have an extensive network that has been proven over time. We ensure that every vendor is qualified to produce a quality product in a timely manner. We will verify the integrity of the supply chain and negotiate prices and deliveries

money icon
You get a quality product at a great price At the end of the day we plan on supplying you with a quality product at a great price. We will work hard to make sure you have a positive and productive experience with us.