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Professional Manufacturing and Assembly Services

VPI Manufacturing provides assembly and manufacturing services for both products that have high quality, unique, and complex system requirements, as well as proven manufacturing services for low and medium volumes in the US and high production volume in Asia (principally the Philippines and China). We develop assembly drawings, build prototypes, design test fixtures, develop manufacturing plans, train to and implement best manufacturing practices, implement QA controls, and insure traceability for production. VPI Manufacturing is a division of VPI Technology Group.

Located in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, VPI Manufacturing has been providing assembly and manufacturing services since 2003. Combined with the electronics engineering resources of VPI Engineering, we bring a great deal of electronics expertise to the table.

Find out more about VPI Manufacturing's capabilities.

Blyncsy product manufactured

Manufacturing Services

We are always interested in forming new client relationships. VPI is willing to support your project - without regard to the stage of the product design cycle or manufacturing phase.

If desired, we can execute a confidentiality agreement before discussing your manufacturing and assembly needs.

To help us understand your needs, please gather information about your project and then give us a call. We will discuss your project scope, production schedule, and project requirements. Project information that we use to create a quote for your project can include the following items:

  • Production quantities
  • Production deadlines
  • Bill of materials management ownership
  • Component procurement ownership
  • Assembly drawings/diagrams
  • Test procedures
  • Test fixtures required

You are invited to schedule a visit to our facilities to evaluate our services and capabilities.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

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